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Talent, Joy, Innovation: Clusters (week 2) and e-slot

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Wonder! G4/G5 Week 1 Cluster Summaries

Howdy LME!

We're off and running with our G4/G5 clusters and I wanted to get a quick update to everyone as students move forward.

Cluster experiences provide challenging, real-world learning for all students, organized around major disciplines, interdisciplinary themes, or cross-disciplinary topics.  Clusters are developed based on student-interest survey responses and during the first meeting, the adult-leader of the cluster shifts to a "facilitator" role, giving students the reins to design the course of study/action the cluster pursues on their way to a "showcase," which will be held on December 8th.

The Showcase consists of student-developed products, performances, or the delivery of a service designed for an authentic audience and/or provides a solution to a real/authentic issue.

Please enjoy the summaries for the first week of clusters and let me know if you have questions!

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