Talent, Joy, Innovation: Clusters (week 2) and e-slot

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Wonder! G4/G5 Week 1 Cluster Summaries

Howdy LME!

We're off and running with our G4/G5 clusters and I wanted to get a quick update to everyone as students move forward.

Cluster experiences provide challenging, real-world learning for all students, organized around major disciplines, interdisciplinary themes, or cross-disciplinary topics.  Clusters are developed based on student-interest survey responses and during the first meeting, the adult-leader of the cluster shifts to a "facilitator" role, giving students the reins to design the course of study/action the cluster pursues on their way to a "showcase," which will be held on December 8th.

The Showcase consists of student-developed products, performances, or the delivery of a service designed for an authentic audience and/or provides a solution to a real/authentic issue.

Please enjoy the summaries for the first week of clusters and let me know if you have questions!

The Global Games

Today we visited ancient Egypt! We started by discovering where Egypt i…

E2 and You: Cultivating Wonder. Creating Legacy.

Hi all,

It has been a great start to the school year and we are thrilled with the progress of Laurel Mountain Elementary's bold step forward as "A School of Enrichment and the Environment," (aka - "E2").

E2 and You:  Talk and Walk

Thanks to so many of you who have joined me on an E2 and You "talk and walk" session to tour our new spaces and learn more about how we seamlessly connect "the Environment" with our success using the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (over 100 people!).  If you've not signed up for an E2 and You session, there is still time -- I'll host one more sessions this week:
Friday 9/22/2017 - 8 a.m. Please RSVP here to help us plan appropriately.

Excellence Fund:  Investing in Your Child's Future

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model is funded by parent donations and corporate matching through the LME Excellence Fund. Our fundraising goal is $70,000 per year and we were fortunate to have over 80% of our families financially s…



For the past six years I have been a classroom teacher and outdoor learning specialist at Laurel Mountain Elementary school, and recently began a new adventure as the Enrichment and Environmental Learning Coordinator for the campus.  It will be an exciting time, and I look forward to supporting the great work done by the exceptional teachers on our campus as we expand our learning model in a broader fashion to include some of the new learning spaces on our campus that include a teaching kitchen, pollinator garden, nature playground, and outdoor learning studio.  I'll post more as things unfold, but I wanted to get the blog up and running, as it is the place where I reflect and report on what we are doing.


Mr. Hance